Latest interview about the ArcheAge


I would prefer to become a craftsman rather than a genius,said president of the XLGAMES company Song zaijing who led more than 350 employees to develop the ArcheAge. Recently, the game producer Song zaijing accepted the media interview when the new work of South Korean MMORPG named ArcheAge began the fifth test.

1. Provide more props to players

Song zaijing said that the rhythm of ArcheAge is slower than the Diablo 3 or Sword of the Spirit. At the same time, in order to prevent the fast consumption of the players, the game adopts the concept of labor. Through the previous tests, it is found that most players of ArcheAge do not blindly upgrade or change the equipment, but to experience to build a house, the formation of the Association of siege, planting trees or ship to act as pirates. At this point, as the developer, what we need to do is to give players more props.

2. The focus of 5th beta: integrate with the existing contents

With regard to the upcoming fifth beta, Song zaijing said that the key point lies in interegrating the existing contents, though we will add new contents,such as the ocean-related content, copy and trade.

3. Consider adding the farms or water residential

It is reported that in order to add more ocean-related contents, the ArcheAge reduces the transfer function between the mainland and the mainland. Although not thus canceled the transfer function, but the delivery fee will become more expensive. In the future, players who have abundant time can take a boat to reach another continent. As for those who have no enough time, but affluent players, they can choose the transfer. In addition, the ArcheAge will add more contents of the ocean during the next test, such as, add a collection of aquatics players can take a ship to transport, or through robbery and induced small-scale fighting during transport. At the same time, we also consider adding the offshore farms or water residential and so on. However, these elements are still in the conceptual stage, so I can guarantee that these elements will occur at the next test. 4. Add motive for building a house Song zaijing said that during the next test, the ArcheAge will add motivation for building a house. For example, only after building a house, the players can collecte or process, and so on.

Finally, Song zaijing thought that compared with the fast-paced online game TERA, the ArcheAge is just a slow-pace online game which the players can get the experience gradually. Although we cannot say which type is good, I hope that more players can try our ArcheAge.

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EA Sports has announced that the PS3 version and Xbox 360 FIFA 15 Pro Clubs are exclusive fifa 15 coins online fighting mode that allows up to 11 to 11 human controlled players on teams created themselves. Mode, which has already appeared in several installments of the series, will be available in other versions of FIFA for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

“We have confidence in the amount of innovation and depth that offer in FIFA 15 for PS3 and Xbox 360, but there are some things that we could do to FIFA 15 on PS3 and Xbox 360, either fifa coins by limitations of the consoles themselves, or lack of time and resources, “said the company. “One consequence is that the Pro Clubs mode will not be in FIFA 15 for Xbox 360 and PS3.”

The conference at Electronic Arts Gamescom has helped us to learn new details of FIFA 15, the next installment in the popular football saga, which promises more news than ever.

From the American company has shown improvements this year will, as a more dynamic actions, most skilled and intelligent porters and even Hawkeye on the line to determine whether the ball has entered or not. They have also confirmed that there will be demo of FIFA 15 next month, but only for users of PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC One.

They have also spoken of FIFA World, the free-to-play in the saga that is succeeding in Asia and can be downloaded now. They have published interesting data on it, as more than 500,000 games are played daily.

The version for the veterans that include the console itself FIFA Ultimate Team Race, EA Sports Football Club, Tournaments, Seasons Online, Online Friendlies, Season Co-Op Games, Quick Match, and Learn to Play Golf Training modes.

A few days ago, EA Sports announced the free demo of FIFA 15 without mentioning a version for PS3 and Xbox 360 It seems that the company begins to phase out versions of the previous generation to focus on the present, which is consolidating over time.

The features of FIFA 14 attract the gamers mostly


FIFA has often coped with grabbing the attention of the millions of devotees of the football all through the globe. It can be the live game or the gaming application. With each new edition, the makers EA Sports appear with the various new aspects and developments that deliver the past editions less interesting and propel the enthusiastic gamers to purchase the newest edition of the game. The major reason for the progressions and the developments in the subsequent editions is the craze of its devotees that needs more pragmatic gameplay option and entire liberty to play the games according to their desires. It is in a mode that makes them direct everything from strategizing to team choices and gameplay. The newest edition of the game, FIFA 14 introduces all the newest and the diverse new developments that make it a worthy purchasing for football extremists. The players can buy fifa 14 coins at the virtual currency sellers to have the best possible FIFA 14 team.

the introduction of Real Physics in Ball Motion

The physics of ball motion has been developed and the players can now strike the ball with much more correctness, force and the predetermined distance. The routes can be regulated and even low rising shots can be struck accurately in the preferred direction. It makes the game like the actual world football. The players can opt to purchase fifa coins online at the online coin sellers to strengthen their team with the procurement of diverse players and the items.

the intelligence of teammates

This has been a broader development in FIFA 14 with the players turning out to be smarter and faster in their decision making capabilities. The defenders make more attacking movements and efforts to win the possession from the opponents when the invaders like to outpace their opponents and display the countless tricks with the ball to discourage the defenders. The developed intelligence provides a better gameplay experience and wider liberty while dealing with an intellectual team and the challenger often make a good game. Buy FIFA 14 Coins Online in the most affordable cost.

considering a number of skill games

FIFA 14 brings an entire new set of skill development games and short tactics development session in which the players can deal with practicing the diverse moves and passes including multi-player mode and single player. It is to apply the similar thing while the genuine gameplay occurs. Hence, the player can turn out to be a quicker and better player by developing accuracy and the skill-set and showing off the identical while the gameplay is taking place. The players can go for fifa coins online.

behind a mode of entirely new career mode

FIFA 14 brings the career mode in which the player can scout for talent all through the year. The Global Scouting Network is the latest addition that looks for the bright players and it is to make the transactions simpler with better direction-finding and shorter disruptions. All the features and parameters are accurately listed after the evaluation. It is like an actual life table and the player can make the scouting network of the player to search the groom player for the squad. The fut 14 coins are also available on the online professional coins sellers. Read More…

IFA 14 Career Mode Ultimate Team Ratings Potential Feyenoord Stats


How did Bruno Martins Indi play last season for Feyenoord, and what are his FIFA 14 ratings?

Martins Indi, 22, has Fut coins been playing well in World Cup 2014 as the right most center back in Netherlands’ three-man defense set up.

In the 2013/2014 season, the Feyenoord defender made 31 appearances in all competitions, and scored 2 goals, according to Voetbal International.

According to, Martins Indi has a 72 rating in FIFA 14, and an 8 growth potential in Career mode. In Ultimate Team, Martins Indi also has a 72 rating, while his Netherlands World Cup version has a 76 rating. Martins Indi costs 7,300 coins on the Playstation, 850 on PC, and 10,250 coins at the lowest on the Xbox.

In fact before the proposed fifa 15 xbox 360 cheap

In fact before the proposed acquisition of Wushen fifa 15 xbox 360 cheap, deli shares already seeking to buy the game company. Deli shares announced back in February of this year, the company and Shanghai green bank talks to buy the shares of not more than 20% shares fifa 15 xbox 360 cheap. Data shows,fifa 15 xbox 360 cheap green bank shares the main business is the development and operation of network game product.
Since then,fifa 15 xbox 360 cheap deli shares announcement said the cooperation between the two sides,fifa 15 xbox 360 cheap because conditions are not ripe, fifa 15 xbox 360 cheap the two sides are divided over the idea of cooperation,fifa 15 xbox 360 cheap cooperation mode, the termination of negotiations with the green bank stock cooperation matters.
Negotiations failed, deli shares into the game industry heart is not dead, the acquisition has finally come true Wushen fifa 15 xbox 360 cheap. However, deli shares “touch Tour”, shares all the way down, recently the company executives have to reduce the stock of the company, deputy general manager and the resignation of Peng Yi is exacerbated investors questioned.
Deli shares in September 15th bulletin,fifa 15 xbox 360 cheap 5 directors and supervisors including Dong MI and chief financial officer, will hold the shares of the company chairman reduction in September 12th. Twenty-first fifa 15 xbox 360 cheap economic report reporter noticed, the reduction of executives are the number of shares held by 25%.
In accordance with the provisions of buy fifa coins cheap the relevant laws and regulations, the board of directors, supervisors and senior executives of listing Corporation during his tenure,fifa 15 xbox 360 cheap the annual transfer its direct or indirect holdings of shares in issue does not exceed 25%.
For top executives to reduce fifa 15 xbox 360 cheap, Yu Le said: “although several executives including me to reduce the proportion reached 25% of the limit, but we reduce the absolute number to little,fifa 15 xbox 360 cheap does not represent not optimistic about the future development of the company and the reorganization.”

Fifa street 4 and valorisar players like neymar

“1-should improve the faces of the players that are more similar two-that all licensed teams come to them three-note players sweat four-by

such as licensing teams ay quite the same thing happens in real life go to play a five-world club coaches look over the

grounds 6-that when you win a title celebrations are more realistic for example the steps that go up to lift the trophy that 7-8-stages to create the

League Argentina to Chile 9-in time to celebrate any goal celebrations are more similar to that of the players in reality 10 more songs of the

15 fans do as in pes who have some videos and presentation in career mode ” FIFA 15 Coins are delivered via player auction system. which saves you much time and energy on matches in game for earning coins. FIFA 15 Coins Xbox One now!

“first of all congratulations fifa is a spectacular series of games, but I think it would have a lot of things to improve, as they did in fifa street 2015

one can choose the t-shirt design depending on the brand puma for example, to return it to improve the stadium to comseguir money for

transfers and that these were more logical, if the city is manchester nesesitan millionaire to sell all their players and keep savic and all 70

general changes that might have say I love the modric tottenham then I give valbuena and 10,000,000 dollars, to do more stage as the white

hart line that any team give you the low ivy lane. give title celebrations though, best facial emotion more graphics that will be displayed on

the stands and could make more turns and tunnels in the fifa street 4 and valorisar players like neymar is that that sounded much has 89

first 19 years but in real life I do not look like a crack,

however such theo walcott mui good player has 3 more years and a general 81, to leave

best players over the years, after 5 seasons all good players is 30 years old and are empiesa down the young general and all the stages to

then one does start again. more esenarios such as in the press that one and then appears in a conversation with the awards so well thanks ”

“Best Reviews, Argentina League (A, National B, B Metropolitana) UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Mas Animation, When a player is injured that

take him on a stretcher, because it Impocible a player with a broken tibia walking out of the field with just grab my leg! improve movements!

“1-Although you upload Difficulty opposites who are little more not to run,