FIFA 15 predicts Swansea City will beat Chelsea


We’ve dusted Fut Coins off our crystal ball (Playstation 4) and come up with a rather pleasing prediction ahead of this weekend’s mouth-watering Fifa 15 Coins Premier League clash between the Swans and Chelsea.

Yep, it’s time to get yourself down the bookies because Wayne Routledge is going to make himself a Fifa 15 Coins PS4 hero early in the second half when he fires home the winner… maybe.

Using FIFA 15, we put Swansea up against Chelsea and let the computer play the game to determine who will come out on top.

Admittedly, this wasn’t the first simulation, or second, third, fourth or fifth. But after more 0-0 draws than you thought humanly possible, the Swans finally came out on top.

FIFA 15 Tips For Beating Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo Cheap Fifa 15 Coins such an expensive player. I think I can never afford him. Otherwise, he is such an excellent player to play with or against. As a teammate, he is wonderful. Whereas as an opponent, he is a nightmare. How can we beat him in FIFA 15? What he stop him? Here are some tips.

Ronaldo typically plays the left wing, left midfield or striker. Understanding how to counter formations and using the right choice of player is important.Position: winger. Ronaldo can use his pace on the wing to get around defenders or he can cut inside and shoot from distance. Speed, stamina, superb finishing coupled with his skill moves, is a recipe for disaster for your defense. Use formations that have very fast full-backs/wing-backs or a player that is very strong to out muscle Ronaldo.

How to defend him effectively? Use the right stick to change players faster. Risk fouls when counter-attacks are possible. Don’t rush into tackles. Be patient. Don’t get a red card with a silly challenge. Ronaldo is really strong in the pitch. Maybe with these tips you still can not stop him. Remember it is just a game. Try your best.

Unanimously to praise! FIFA 15 the first mainstream game media score Glance


EA Sports’s football masterpiece FIFA 15 so that players seem to have returned to the fiery passion of the World Cup in Brazil, and also brought many new upgrade experience. But the light so that players are not satisfied, have to make critical mainstream media were also blown away. Here we look at the first mainstream media game FIFA 15 rating it!fifa coins online

Gamespot – 8

IGN – 8.3

Eurogamer – 7

Game Informer -9.25

CVG – 9

God is a Geek – 8

Bleacher Report – 9.1

Covering the Spread – 8

Digital Spy – 4/5

SportsKeeda – 8.5 – 9/10

TSA – 9

Videogamer – 7

GamesRadar 4.5 / 5
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The Turkish league is in FIFA 15


Electronic Arts has announced that it has reached an agreement with the leaders of the Turkish Süper Lig for the official license of the competition and so buy fifa 15 coins do all the teams of the Turkish football league appear in FIFA 15 . Altogether there will be 18 teams to join the long list of clubs that are already split of sports simulation to give more excitement and realism to the matches of FIFA 15 .

Although Electronic Arts lost the license of the Brazilian league , now done with the Turkish league and important clubs like Galatasaray , the Beikta or Fenerbahe , fifa 15 coins join with their lineups and official kits to the many who are already part of FIFA 15 . remember that yesterday we knew that the company also reached an agreement with Premier Legue English stadiums for all teams in the competition and appear in the game and make some time were also made ??to the rights of the Series A Italian.

On September 25 we can compete in the Turkish Süper Lig controlling one of 18 teams in FIFA 15 promises to be the most complete simulation of football history. Now we have to see if I actually get it or not, but until then, we leave you with our particular advance FIFA 15 so you can see what to expect this year. addition, we showed the first images of Turkish teams distributed Electronic Arts in FIFA 15 .

Playstation has opened registration for the European FIFA 15 Tournament being organized for your gaming community. The first step of all that you will overcome apuntéis local phase. Are you ready?

FIFA 15 started his career in eSports with his European tournament we and we can enroll. The soccer game Electronic Arts is a regular fixture in any catalog leagues and international competitions and Sony has been having the pull eSports a while now and decided to start their own tournament. Over the next few weeks will decide who goes to the final tournament of FIFA 15 and has options to become champion Playstation Community . But the first thing to do is to sign up …

There are 10 different regions within the European Tournament FIFA 15 and Spain will be one of them. We will have until October 19 to point us in the tournament and to do so we’ll just have to put an answer in this post (where you can also see all the rules) and add us to existing candidates.

The tournament will consist of two phases: a group stage (local tournament) which will have 32 participants and the format would have a Champions League and a second stage and within the European tournament the only thing that has been decided is to be played in two evenings yet to be confirmed. The games will last 6 minutes and the entire tournament will be played in the version of PS4 .

The Speed & handle and also the appropriate associates in FIFA 15

In FIFA 15, players can let the defenders make dust particles and utilize the golf ball in comparison to the very best footballers of the world. The players can move virtually with athleticism, designed harmonization and also the much closer handle. It is actually providing a greater responsiveness and personality to the preferred superstars. The manage contact dribbling is usually to make your person contain the golf ball within a sprint or when it is browsing an opening in better-contact situation. The famous athletes like Leo Messi is usually to dribble and yes it techniques like they take action inside the real life. The professional online virtual currency sellers offer cheap fifa 15 coins online in the most affordable cost, as FIFA 15 is coming soon.


The movements of your ball in FIFA 15 coins the overall game. The player is to locate the correct spin, battling and curl of the soccer when relocating sensibly right after each and every relationship. Players can gain the event of the genuine soccer ball physics during the time of passing, dribbling and taking a feeling or safeguarding a try. The player manage is one of the central pillars of FIFA 15. In after that, it is to check out the Genuine Gamer graphics. The enthusiasts can place the pre-buy of FIFA 15 Greatest Team edition. Players can opt to purchase fifa 15 coins in the online store as they possibly can obtain the best appealing players and items to generate a very best FIFA 15 team.


There are many reasons for the picking of FIFA 15. One of these is Messi FUT loan player. It can be to imagine ever start FIFA 15 Greatest Crew with one of the best forwards around the globe. With all the new loaning participant aspect in FIFA 15 Supreme Group, the gamer can. It can be exclusive to the FIFA pre-order, Ultimate Team Edition. Anybody can make an attempt to take a analyze of Lionel Messi in FIFA 15 Best Team and enjoy him immediately for the confined quantity of the fits. Consequently, the gamer is in order to relieve far more gamers from Football Membership of EA Athletics Catalogue making use of basketball group credits. Get FIFA 15 Coins On the web to make the best FIFA 15 team. The 2nd one is the inclusion of 40 FIFA Greatest Staff Precious metal Packs. It really is to start FIFA 15 Ultimate Team with 40 Rare metal packages as soon as the player locations pre-purchase the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Release. As long as the player login to redeem them, the player is to receive one pack every day for forty weeks. The approx . value is $40 or €40 or GBP.


The players can opt for buying fifa coins on-line at their closest online video games residence to create the best team with all the procurement of items and players. The 3rd the first is integrated as Celebrations. It is actually to enjoy in fashion. When the gamer places a purchase order upfront for FIFA 15, the gamer would be to launch immediately about three completely new celebrations. These a few include Flag Strike, Stay Large and Kiss the Wrist. Other reasons to put the pre-purchase of FIFA 15 consist of adidas All-Legend Team, Adidas Predator boot package and Historic Products.


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